Quantum Analytics Group was referred to this global specialty brand cosmetics company who had an interesting problem with their final product…one that nobody seemed to have an answer for.

A strange residue floating at the bottom of the glass bottles had been spotted during a random product check from each warehouse location. The manufacturer spent weeks reviewing their processes in an effort to understand why only a few of the bottles of clear liquid – from a very large batch – have the strange residue while all the others did not. How could such simple, natural extracts, oils, fragrance or purified water spoil? Was it microbial?

The answer came as a surprise to everyone. Through HPLC and FTIR testing at their facility, Quantum was able to prove that the mysterious flocculent was not caused by bacterial contaminant. Further testing revealed that under the right conditions (lower temperature) the ingredients would start to form a protein that would appear as a small cloudy mass.

A report was produced that the company used to enforce more accurate temperatures within all the warehouse facilities. To date, the mysterious residue has never returned.

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